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People frequently ask what kind of camera I use to capture the images displayed on this website. The answer varies some from trip to trip and year to year, but here’s a list of the gear I’m currently shooting with.

I’ve hiked and backpacked with this camera for several years now and really love how it performs. I was initially worried about the battery life, but that has proved to be a non-issue since I carry a small battery pack to recharge other electronics as well. This camera is a bit smaller than standard DSLRs without sacrificing any image quality.

This lens is one of my favorites, covering focal ranges from the super-wide to moderate zoom. I hiked the entire John Muir Trail with this lens, and have carried it on lots of other hikes as well.

When I really want to cut weight and hike light, I bring only this lens: a weather-sealed, super sharp prime. The 23mm focal length (35mm equivalent) more or less matches what I see with my eyes, trending a little wider to capture those epic vistas. I hiked the Sierra High Route with this lens!

I have a couple Sirui tripods, both carbon fiber to minimize weight without sacrificing too much structural integrity. I’ve been very happy with both tripods, and nearly always carry one for those early morning and late evening shots while backpacking.

Although I scoffed at the capture clip for a while, I’m now an enthusiastic user. I secure the clip to my backpack strap so I can easily reach my camera while hiking. If the weather turns south, I cover the camera with plastic bag or stow it away in my pack.

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