2017 Photo-A-Day Project

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After completing my first photo-a-day project last year, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do another one because it can be a tad annoying to have a commitment to take a picture each and every day. However, I switched from a Nikon camera system to a Fuji system a few months ago and decided that I could use the practice with the new gear. Besides, I often need a little guilt to keep dust off the camera. This year I’m following the daily themes from PhotoBlog to avoid those days when I just can’t think of anything interesting to shoot. My current plan is to continuously add pictures to the 2017 photo-a-day album located on this page instead of writing a new post every week with seven pictures. However, I’ll make exceptions for particularly interesting or excellent compositions. Please feel free to leave comments and feedback on the photo album page or on this post!


2017 Photo-A-Day Album 

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