This week was bookended by two fantastic trips into the Sierra Nevada mountains. Because Monday was the 4th, and Friday is a “regular day off” at JPL, I only worked three days… I spent much more time hiking in the mountains than I did working this week, and I loved it! It’s easy to find compositions for this photography project in such beautiful places!

Day 344

above treeline sierra nevada photography project

Above Treeline
After a brilliant stroke of luck (we got permits for Mt. Whitney!), my hiking companions and I began our ascent!

Day 345

High Sierra Skies photography project

High Sierra Skies
At Trail Camp, far from city lights, the Milky Way is clearly visible stretching over Mt. Whitney

Day 346

Outpost Camp Falls photography project

Outpost Camp Falls
After climbing Mt. Whitney, we set up camp near this waterfall

Day 347

Snowmelt photography project

I neglected to take a photo today, so here is a photo from this weekend: snowmelt cascading over boulders high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Day 348

Preparations photography project

After a few days of work, it’s time for another weekend in the mountains!

Day 349

Milky Way o're the Buttermilks photography project

Milky Way O’er the Buttermilks
Before hiking up into the Sierras, we camp near Bishop, CA, in “The Buttermilks,” a well-known bouldering area. Once again, there was very little light pollution and I captured a view of our galaxy in between a few of the rocks

Day 350

Painted Sky photography project

Painted Sky
Sunrise at camp, a few hours before we ascend into the Sierra Nevada again

Andrew Cox